"Stay healthy" with ASA
 "Stay healthy" with ASA
 "Stay healthy" with ASA
Published: 23.09.2015

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"Stay healthy" with ASA

The 8th "Stay healthy" Family Picnic was held on 16 August in Bielsko-Biała on the initiative of the local Social Activity Foundation. ASA was co-organizing the event during which the inhabitants of Bielsko- Biała had an opportunity to get many free-of-charge specialist medical tests, such as a lung capacity test or oxygen saturation measurement as well as tests carried out in ASA's tent, i.e. cholesterol level, blood pressure and glucose level tests.

What is hypertension and why is it dangerous? Who is in the group of special risk of developing the disease? How should blood pressure be measured properly? How to deal with a high cholesterol and glucose level? Answers to all these questions could be found at ASA's stand where people could also learn more about our preparations: Novocardia, Sterolea and Diabetamid.

There were still more attractions for those who want to take good care of their health, for instance consultations with ophthalmologists, laryngologists, dieticians, cardiologists, orthopaedists and psychologists.

For all visitors of the white town the day was certainly very important.  Prophylactic tests are a chance and hope for a healthy life.

Undoubtedly, this refers also to cardiovascular system diseases and diabetes, as statistical data concerning the diseases are terrifying:

  • over 50% of Poles are overweight
  • 27% of our society suffers from obesity
  • almost 45% of grown up Poles suffer from hypertension!

Therefore, such pro-health campaigns like the "Stay healthy" picnic combined with a reliable and widespread educational campaign are essential, as they are a chance for a better future.

ASA has received a thank you note for its participation in the picnic from the picnic organizers.

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