Our mission is to serve people by conducting activities dedicated to the improvement of the quality of our customers' life and health. Our relations with customers are based on trust, respect and mutual understanding. Our activities addressed to our customers are truthful, accurate and free from false promises.

The Company's market strategy is based on a consistent development of the Polish company brand supported by such values as modernity, reliability, respect for the customer and business ethics. These values are the internal element of ASA's business functioning; they are also shared by all our employees.

Our market strategy is based on the following pillars:
• attracting the best and most talented employees,
• launching new innovative products,
• increasing the Company's profitability,
• intensifying the employees' involvement, loyalty and identification with the Company,
• popularising the principles of ethical conduct in the Company,
• increasing the effectiveness of good management practices' implementation,
• enhancing the Company's positive image.

The accomplishment of our Company's mission and strategic objectives requires the release of involvement and loyalty of all its employees, because they are the "soul" of our Company.

Our Company's success is also based on the values held by us, with which our employees also identify.

Due to an active attitude and acceptance of the assumption that our employees are the factors of success in our mission and strategy accomplishment, in our Company, we strengthen and propagate such universal values as:
• business ethics,
• respect for the customer and the employee,
• honesty,
• speed and flexibility of activities,
• partnership,
• professionalism and personal development,
• knowledge,
 and observance of the law.

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